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Welcome, welcome.  Come in, sit down, and make yourself at home. 

Let me introduce you properly to the healthy hub of the hour, the silly site of the season…

Here, you have a kid-friendly place to learn about healthy food and healthy living – I find this stuff riveting!

But just in case you don’t (or you fear your kids won’t), don’t worry, I understand – I remember a time when the stuff that was important to me definitely did not include leafy greens (or even chewing my food)…

These days though, I’ve changed my tune and now that I know it’s a matter of life and happiness, I’m all over it!

That’s why Kidz Bites is committed to simple, thoughtful concepts and loads and loads of fun!

Delicious, bite-sized pieces of information.

Each month we will explore a new healthy theme with music, videos, and downloadable content.

So look out for happy, catchy songs that get stuck in your head and remind you to drink more water or find out where your food comes from.  And don’t forget to keep an eye peeled for silly characters that wear fake moustaches and have to decide between real food and fake food.

Kidz Bites’ hope is that with this healthy kidzpiration (you see what I did there?), many more little kids and big kids will want to eat healthy and live happy. 

All in all, I’m ridiculously excited to launch Kidz Bites and hope you have as much fun here as I do. 



Comments ( 14 )

  • I’ll take you up on the Tom Jones sing-a-long, and I’ll raise you a Neil Diamond sing-a-long… Well done on the site! I’ll be sending this to all my friends with kidz!! x

    • Any sing-a-long with you Jess, is an event not to be missed! :)

  • Awesome! So excited! I’m having fun exploring the website

  • I am a nine year old boy -Elies-from Preston North East Primary School. I enjoy your videos, songs, episodes and games. I think you should come to visit Helen’s groups at school. Helen is a wonderful teacher.

  • i can not stop playing games and lessening to songs also
    it is so good and my eyes is sticked to the song and please can you writ a comment back and nice Holiday by elies Preston north east primary school

  • i can not stop commenting because it is so so so so so so so so so good good good good good good good and pleas comment back

    • Hi Elies! Thank you very much for your comments :)
      We are so happy that you like our Kidz Bites songs and videos, we love making them.
      We are planning to visit your school one day, so we are looking forward to meeting you then.
      Have a great weekend!

      • hi Halen doter please can you cum to Preston north east primary school and
        thanks for commenting back and Halen
        is a good mum and it dose not matter
        wen you could not find my comment
        and have a good Holiday and SA thanks to Halen and you shod get something and take kere of Halen and she is so
        nice that she gives people
        prizent and lolli and sticker like a kids bites sticker and if i did not have that sticker you would SE me comment nothing but now she gave me stickers and i can not stop commenting and
        wen you have time pleas can you teach Halen how to make a blog please

  • this is the best website and i can stop opining my laptop because i gust want to writ and draw picture

    • That’s great to hear Elies! We hope that the website songs and videos help you learn about food that improves the health of your body and your mind. Keep enjoying your holiday!

  • hi Halen doter i’m elies brother and i’m from Preston north east primary school and i like your website and i which i can be in Halen group becuse you learn Thras maths and good things and i like your songs and colouring and games and i hope you have a good Holiday by Abdel

    • Thank you very much for your comment Abdel. We are happy to hear that you and your brother are enjoying the website and hope that you are learning a lot about healthy food. We also hope you have a great holiday! Preston North East Primary School sounds like it has a lot of fun kids that go there :)

  • i think Halen is going to be happy of you

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