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I’m Kristin Gilmour, and Kidz Bites is my big idea.  You know how big ideas sometimes start small and then grow and grow until you’re so excited you can barely contain yourself!  Well that’s what happened for me with Kidz Bites.

You see, I’m a Naturopath and I look after a lot of kids and teach them different ways to feel better – to be happy and healthy.  Kidz Bites started out as a small idea simply to help those kids.  Kidz Bites songs and videos were a way to inspire my patients to learn about healthy food and healthy habits, and to have a bit of fun of course.

Then I started to wonder if this small idea could grow to help other kids out thereā€¦

I mean, I know a lot of little kids (and big kids) and they are all very special to me, as I’m sure the kids in your life are to you.  So this big idea is for all the kids out there.  In fact, Kidz Bites is for anyone!  Anyone who wants to have fun learning about healthy food, that is.  So what are you waiting for?

Take a bite of my big idea and see how it tastes to you.

With love, from the biggest kid of all







Meet Your Kidz Bites Hosts

Kristin Gilmour

Kristin loves dancing and her favourite vegetable is broccoli – no, really! Kristin has a lot of fun using her imagination.

Eating yummy, healthy food cheers Kristin up if she’s feeling sad and gives her energy if she’s feeling tired.

One time, Kristin laughed so much – she cried! Way to go Kristin!



Sam Lynzaat

Sam loves reading and his favourite fruit is an avocado.

Figuring things out is Sam’s speciality.

Eating yummy, healthy food helps Sam think more clearly, run faster and jump higher.

One time, he jumped over a big fence – no hands! Way to go Sam!

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