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Sometimes, “Soul Food” AND food that you eat can come together and invigorate you in lots of ways!

When Kidz Bites asked Naturopath and Mum, Cathy Stanguts, what nourished her soul – she had a great perspective…




To me, “Soul Food” speaks of family mealtimes.  It is about sitting at a table together, and “being present” in the situation.

Being present for your children, and yourself.  Thinking about the food you are consuming, taking the time to eat and enjoy the food and each other.

By providing a positive and enjoyable environment for your children at mealtimes, we promote healthy eating behaviours.

Research shows that a happy and positive environment, free of environmental distractions (television, iPhones and iPads), reduces overconsumption as well as intake of unhealthy foods, while increasing the intake of fruit and vegetables.

Studies suggest that healthy eating behaviours, if established early in life, have the ability to continue throughout adolescence and adulthood.

So think “Soul food”, model healthy eating behaviours to your children and bring back family mealtimes.




We loved Cathy’s interpretation of Soul Food and her wonderful advice!

Now it’s over to you guys.

What does Soul Food mean to you?

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